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Computers are human beings best friend in today’s modern world. Without these machines, we would not be able to work in many sectors where computing needs are commonplace. Due to their qualities for being efficient and having fast speed, they have made our lives revolving around them much easier. It is really important for us to have an in-depth knowledge of these machines, and how they function. Without knowing the abilities and working functions it’s considered just a piece of junk by most. The computer mainly works on our commands and instructions. Whatever commands we put in into it, it follows the same. This magical machine needs a series of commands to be entered and decided by us, that run whatever function whenever we need it. Thus, comes a need of storing the commands we need time and again in something, so we can save our time and energy to write each command manually and enter each time in same sequence. You must be wondering where are these commands entered and how to store it?

If you are a computer friendly person- you must have heard about Command prompt or CMD. This command prompt takes multiple commands and runs them for us. Just imagine each time we need to run a set of commands in the computer, we have to type it through the keyboard and in same sequence again and again. It would be impossible to remember lots of commands in exact format for human beings as already so much to things to be kept in our brains. So, to have the batches or bundles of the commands in a file for us to use it as per our requirement is referred to as Batch file. These batch files are optimally used in your computer operating system.

Which system do batch files best work from?

Microsoft WindowsDOS, Operating System/2 and Microsoft windows are all equipped with batch files in them. In DOS operating systems, batch files end with .BAT extensions. In other operating system, shell scripts or command files are used. Now, after understanding what batch file is and how does it appear let’s see what are its uses. Batch files are used to help load lengthy programs, running multiple processes over a time period and perform common or repeating tasks. Let’s understand this with help of examples, a batch job is used to take back up of files, doing series of long calculations and multi-tasking work that’s done simultaneously on a system or program. One of the major benefits of it is that one can start it anytime and leave the system to do its work on its own and sparing individual from the job of sitting in front of the computer thus, making it time effective.

After understanding the concept of batch files and its usage it makes us understand why modern-day Windows 10 systems also have them available for its users. It would definitely be used by future operating systems to come as it is very important and user-friendly which not only saves our precious time but our hard work.

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