How batch files are still a valuable software tool

As we just stepped in 2018 with so many softwares that were created to make our work more easier, it seems that batch files still hold an incredible position as a software tool. There are number of softwares that were introduced by Microsoft in the late 90’s, but batch files remain the simplest to use. This does not mean that new softwares liken WSH (Windows Scripting Host) or PowerShell lack of value. They have much deserved success too! It simply means that they still can’t replace batch files.

Though, batch files ultimately didn't get the deserving recognition that others favored through over-promotion, it has served the best support to many first time coders as well as professionals. Here, you will see how helpful it is and if you haven't used it yet, then you are going to regret that why you’ve ignored it till now! For many first time coders, batch files provided support to face the complex features without any hassle. If you are one of them, it would be much easier if you use batch files instead of pre-installed commands. The reason behind it is that it is much easier to create one file and run multiple commands in one go. Batch files allow you to use almost any command which can include application file names such as Excel.exe a well.

Tailored to every aspect you need it for

For professionals, batch files ease the work of automating the daily tasks which result in saving more time. Performing tasks like scripting and coding on the daily basis help to improve your skills, but if you are already a pro in this job then you already know that reusing the old batch files will help you a lot. It will let you complete hectic or repetitive jobs with lesser time consumption. It is always advisable to test and troubleshoot your batch files in a non-production environment. Once you are sure that it is running perfectly then include it in an appropriate directory.

Easy to use, easy to create too

We keep emphasizing on its easy-to-use feature but how simple it actually is, can only be seen after you create one. However, if you are a beginner, you can also create a batch file in just a few simple steps and then you are all set to work with ease. You just need to create an empty batch file using a word editor with just a minor change. What’s that change? It's just the extension from .txt to .bat. Now you can use it by adding the commands one by one and run the ipconfig.bat file. See, how simple it is!

The best thing you will come across while using batch files is that you just need to keep five simple batch file commands in your mind and you are good to go. These batch file commands include: TITLE, ECHO, ECHO OFF, PAUSE and Config. The other best thing is, these batch files commands are typically universal for the different versions of Windows. However, you may come across with other commands as well!

There is no need for a special kind of hardware or software to make use of batch files. These files run very quickly and you can also schedule the batch files under Windows NT so that it will run automatically at the specified time period. You can create a batch file for almost every purpose, whether you want to delete all the files from a directory, check computer’s connectivity to the network or check hard disk space on the remote servers. These are the reasons why it deserves the recognition and why you should include it in your routine programming. Now get ready to enjoy easier logins, automation and configurations using batch files. It’s never too late, you can still go with it, as batch files will remain a valuable software tool.