Just a bunch of tech guys on a mission

We all started in high school together fooling around with computers and taking things apart. We all went our separate ways, but somehow reconnected a few years later on various projects. It seems we couldn’t just do it all on our own and together we formed this family bond that somehow just works so well! Here’s the crew as only we can introduce ourselves best.

Rob Morrison: head editor/writer

What can I say, I like to write and I’m good at what I do. I write online for indi-blogs and despite the name, and NO- I’m not that news anchor guy who nearly strangled his wife! To be honest, we all had an idea about putting together a kind of self help website for others out there who are programmers. It started with simple hacks and tips that we all agreed upon and it bounced out from there.

Russell Bunker: content contributor/website developer

If there was ever a reason to be proud, it obviously would be something I can put my name onto. I spend the lat 25 years building websites for others, but never really managed to build anything that showed the ideas and opinions I have about software and programming. Especially website design- since so many new developments make it easier than it was in the beginning of the mid 90’s. You can count on me to share my wild ideas all over this site in upcoming articles.

Allen Kemp: Javascript and Linux

I groove to the inner code of things. Straight-up Gary Newman style approach to thinking outside the box- but still looking for the inner light of possibilities. I liked to go online to chat with others who wrote code back when it was considered cool. Now it’s more like a job to the new generation and that’s a drag. I share my ideas here and there- about the little stories you never hear how Linux and Javascript all started! I hope you’ll like it too.

Fred Edmonds: Software developer/HTML5

I hate the word ‘geek’ because it’s used so literal these days. Geek this and Geek that, how did this word ever get to be overused? I like what I do- but I’m not obsessed with it. I just like to talking about it with other who can appreciate whats new and cool old-school crap that was nearly forgotten. If you like tech-laden entertainment, then I’m your guide to the inside track of geek-tech. See there, I invented a new word that’s not just geek!

We don’t need to hear it, but then again- maybe we do…

In the case that we missed something important, we want to know what it was, or at least what you think it was. That way it helps us provide you with the best info without having to do painful edits of our work. But until that day, let us know what you think of our site. What sections you would like to see and what ideas you have to improve the look and functions here.

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